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Download Viber on Mac or Windows PC

Are you looking for the ways to make free calls via the internet to your loved ones? If you are buzzed with the same question, then our answer is yes. Yes, I am talking about nothing other than Viber. Viber is the most popular free app which is widely used by android and iOS Users. This application is suitable to those who are interested in free calling, free messaging, sharing photos and videos. With the use of Viber app, you can send unlimited images, videos, messages and make free calls from your PC / Computer / Desktop.

download viber on mac

Comparison between Viber and Skype

When we are thinking about making video calls via the internet, some might argue that Skype is superior to Viber because Skype uses enhanced HD voice enhanced codes for video while Viber’s video is still in Beta. But one of the big advantages of Viber is that Viber saves a lot of time as it reaches people with just their mobile number where as Skype takes time to login in the installed skype application and all your contacts must be previously added to make a call. Else, Viber app does all this at the time of installation.

Apart from this, Viber is also better than other apps such as Whatsapp and Hike as it offers free calls as an extra feature. With WhatsApp and Hike, you can send unlimited messages and images but can’t make free calls from PC/Computer. So, Viber is a multi-functional application whose features are hard to find in any other app.

download viber on pc


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More Features of Viber

1- Viber App will save your money when you roam from country to country and you need to call your loved ones.
2- While making free calls via Viber, the sound quality is very high as compared to a regular phone.
3- It is multiplatform support as it works on iPhone, windows phone, Nokia, windows, Mac Operating System.
4- The registration process of Viber is also very simple. It uses only a working mobile number as the login identification.
5- Viber can transfer ongoing calls.
6- It is mostly useful for those who don’t have a compatible mobile phone.

get viber on pc

How to Download Viber on your PC / Computer/ Mac

There are two ways to download Viber on your PC/Laptop. Both methods are given below:

A.) Direct free download Viber for PC

This is the direct method to download Viber in your Computer. Follow the steps given below:-

1- Go to the official website of Viber that is at: –
2- Download .exe file from the above link and install it in your computer / PC.

B.) Download Viber using Bluestacks

In this method, you can download Viber using Bluestack for free. Basically, Bluestacks is a software emulator which allows you to download android apps directly on your computer / Laptop or PC. It works almost on operating Systems. Below is the steps of downloading Viber using Bluestacks:-

1- Firstly, download Bluestacks in your PC from the link: –
2- After Bluestacks has been downloaded, double-click the .exe file to begin the installation process.
3- After successful installation of Bluestacks, you need to search for Viber application at the Google play store.
4- When you find it, download it and click on the install.

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Now the installation of Viber on your PC or Laptop is complete. You can make free calls anytime and anywhere. Hope for the best free calls via Viber. If you need any kind of help for the installation of Viber, let us know in the comment section.

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