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Free Online Music Streaming

When it comes to choosing the best music streaming app, here is a list of free music streaming apps available online for your android and ios phone. You can compare them and choose the best one according to your need.

Music is a beautiful medium to relax and give comfort to your heart, brain and body. For most of the people, music is everything and plays important role in their lives. Some people use to listen the music at work, while travel, doing workout at Gym, for entertainment etc. Most of us are always in search of a perfect free music streaming App in various blogs online, books and articles for a better option most of the time don’t get the positive findings. Whenever a new song or music album launch, people access different types of mobile apps for listening. But we find it difficult to get the right music streaming apps for our smart phones, android devices and iOS.

It’s very confusing to judge which one is the best music streaming app for android devices and iOS. In this article, we will discuss on the best music streaming apps for smart phones which are available online and their advantages. Let’s take this further with mentioning the advantages of Music streaming apps.

Features or Advantages of Music Streaming Apps

• These music apps are beneficial with online connectivity to internet. When you are traveling or feeling bored, you can listen to your favorite songs. Moreover, you can also download these songs and enjoy them while you are offline.
• These apps have the collections of the latest songs, ghazals and old songs. You can listen anything that you want.
• You can prepare your different playlist of your favourite songs and can access them quickly at any time. For example, if you are fond of old songs, then you can make a list of old songs which you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.
• Music apps are a unique mode of entertainment even when you are alone.

But to enjoy all these advantages, you need to know the best apps for you. Let’s go for it and discuss.

Top 10 Best Free Music Streaming Apps

Apple Music


Music Streaming Apps


Apple Music is a new entrant in music streaming. The streaming service offers more than 30 million songs. Apple Music isn’t available only to Apple users, it has an android app as well. You can add the tracks you love in your library and access on all your devices. It can also recommend for albums and playlists based on the music you love. You can try Apple Music for 3 months before subscribing.



Music Streaming Apps for Android
Spotify offers both free and a paid subscription streaming service. The paid service gives access to better audio quality and the tracks can be downloaded for offline listening. It also does away with the ads. A good thing is that free service option lets you the same content i.e. whether you subscribe to paid or not. Spotify also provides family-sharing subscription model for 6 accounts at $15 a month.




music streaming apps for ios
Google Play Music is a simple music player as well a commercial streaming package. It provides a collection of more than 35 million songs. Monthly subscription will cost you $9.99 per month. The main benefit over Spotify is that Google Music subscription gives you access to YouTube Red. So you get to access the YouTube videos ad-free and also can save them offline. It also offers a Family plan for half as much on top of a regular subscription.



music streaming apps for android and ios
Amazon’s Prime Music Streaming Service is a part of the Amazon Prime Service. It provides ad-free listening to over a million songs and radio stations also. A dedicated app is available for download on android. You can download the songs for offline listening. Prime Music service can be shared between two adults only by sharing the Amazon Prime account.



Best music streaming apps


Pandora is one of the first music streaming service in the world. Pandora provides a streaming app for mobile devices. It also works on Roku player.
Pandora is available for free but this is ad-supported and there are limited features and some restrictions. Using Pandora, you can stream music, save your favorite tracks, create playlists and provide feedback. More feedback you provide, streaming will be personalized more for you.


Best music streaming apps

There are plenty of music apps but the best one is “Gaana”, which is grabbing the attention of the people by the hip-hop tune. It offers the unlimited access of various regional songs such as Marathi, Bengalis, and English etc. It has rich song library which is liked by most of the people. But the drawback for this app is that it has not widest collection of songs. Its price is Rs 120 / month for up to five devices. It is available on many platforms such as windows phone, Android, Blackberry and Apple.


music streaming apps

Saavn is the first music app launched in India. It is on top with a good interface and large library. But it is expensive as you can download up to 3GB of songs on one device at rate of Rs 120. Saavn offers a separate section of language where you can browse your favorite song in language of your choice and enjoy it with your family members. But if this app has cheaper rates, then it will be the top apps in India.


music streaming apps for android


Wynk has become the best music app in last year as it has all the features we need. It is very easy to use. People do not face any problem to search or find the songs. Wynk’s library is the best amongst other as it has a separate list for the latest songs. Prices are not very expensive and it also has free streaming up to 100 songs per month.



music streaming apps for ios


Rdio has overtook the Dhingana. Its web view is very nice and library is good as compare to Gaana and Wynk. It is good for international music but not much appreciated for Indian songs. If we talk about cost, its price is cost-effective. You can download up to 25 songs @ Rs. 60 per month and to download unlimited songs, you have to pay Rs. 120 per month.



music streaming apps for android and ios


Hungama is a very good app for those who love to listen Indian songs as it has a great and huge collection of Indian music and also has other advantages like it is available in five languages including English and Hindi. But the performance of this app is not good in last year as it has bad design on web and search results are also not consistent.


Download free music from streaming sites is not as easy as it hears to be. You need to do a lot of research on it online. If you want to download music with high quality, you should try any of the website listed in this article.

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