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How to Remove Web Browser Cookies from Computer

Web Cookies are the text files that keep small information of your web browsing in your computer. They keep track what you do, where you go, what you fill, and more while you are browsing the web. Overall they record all the information what you have done online. Actually they are not harmful but keep an eye on your movements and information what you have given while browsing the web. Also, they record your browsing session just to save important information in text files for later retrieval and as a result of which they increase your efficiency while browsing.

But some attackers who want to steal your privacy information such as login detail, password of your internet banking and more can threaten your privacy maliciously.

So, it is better for you to delete web browsing history or cookies each time you access your important accounts. Also if you do not want to share what you have done online like what websites you visited, what information you have given etc, you can delete web cookies in that case.

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Web Browser’s Caches are helpful as they increase the page loading speed.

But at the same time, you may face a lot of problems from web browser’s Cache such as sign-in problems, error messages, outdated content, non responding pages and more.

Here, take an example suppose you are trying to login at a shopping website and every time it shows an error “not being able to sign in”. So, what’s the reason behind this error and what will you do in that case? This problem may be due to unwanted cookies in your computer.

Simply, you need to clear out the Cache/Cookies of web browser and again login after refreshing the page. This will solve your problem.

So, this article is about how to delete unwanted web browser cookies from Computer. The article will give the answer to all the questions given below:-

How to remove cookies from your computer?

How do I clear my browser cookies?

How to delete web browsing history?

How to delete the browser cache?

Lets move to the process of deleting cookies in some of the most popular browsers.

Deleting Cookies in Firefox

1- To delete history in Firefox, make sure you use the latest version of Firefox. Firstly from the Firefox menu, select options and then options again.
2- Then go at the privacy tab.
3- Under the remember history section, click at the remove individual cookies.

delete cookies firefox


4- Now at the bottom of the open window, select “remove all Cookies” to remove all associated cookies with your Firefox web browser.

firefox delete history



Deleting Cookies in Chrome

1- Click the main menu icon in chrome browser and select “Tools” and then” Clear Browsing Data”.

how to delete cookies in chrome

2- After selecting Clear Browsing Data in the Tools option, “setting page” will open in a new tab.

3- Here you need to select the time frame for deleting the cookies. Kindly make sure to check the “Cookies and other site and plug –in data” option to clear all associated cookies. You can check and uncheck other options as per your choice.

clearing cookies in chrome

4- Finally click at the “clear browsing data” button. This will clear all your affiliated browsing cookies from the chrome browser.

how to remove cookies on chrome

Alternate Method: – Type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData at the address bar of the chrome browser. This will take you directly at the settings page. Then you need to follow the 3rd and 4th step as given above.


Deleting cookies from Internet Explorer

1- Open the Internet Explorer, go to the “Setting” option present at the right corner and select the “Internet Options”.

how to delete cookies on internet explorer

2- This will open various Internet options in a new dialog window. Select the General tab and then Click at the “Delete” button under the Browsing history section.

how to delete cookies in internet explorer

3- This will open a new dialog window pops up named “Delete Browsing History”. Click at the “Delete” button present at the bottom of the dialog window. Make sure you check at “Cookies” option. Check or uncheck other option as per your choice.

how to delete cookies on internet explorer 11

Now all the cookies and internet data will be deleted from Internet Explorer.

That’s all in this post. Hope for the safe web browsing all the time. If you have any query or you find trouble in any stage while deleting your browsing cookies, please share with us in the comment section. We will be here for you to solve all your queries.

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