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How to Read Blogs Offline Without Internet Connection on Android

Nowadays, we are addicted to our device or Android phone for everything such as for studying, reading newspapers, watching live score, reading blogs and more. So, for all these, we need to have an internet connection every time. But sometimes we don’t have an internet connected to our Android phone or computer and we need to access some important pages especially when we are in travelling and we require information about trains. Also, it happens when we are in an area where there is limited connectivity to the internet. So are you looking for the ways to access your favorite blogs or to read any news website offline on your Android phone? You don’t need to worry. Here in this article we will provide you trick to read your favorite blogs or any website without an Internet connection or in an unreliable internet connection by saving whole website for offline viewing.

The Google Play Store comes with an Inbuilt App named Offline – Offline Browser that will download your blogs or save website in a location in your Android phone for later retrieval or offline viewing. It is designed to browse websites without internet.

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Before Preceding to the usage of this useful app, we will discuss some of the features of it: –

1- This is a free application for android devices.

2- It downloads the cache version of the website.

3- This Offline Browser is applicable for Android 4.0 and later version.

4- This free Android Application allows you to download the entire website or just a part of it using an option “Max Link Depth” and “Max Links per Page”.

5- As far as media is considered, you will be limited to download only image contents.

6- This app is somewhat not recommended for movie website or for software downloading website. Else, you can use it.

Installation of Offline Browser:-

Now let’s move to the installation and usage of this Offline Browser to read your blogs while you are not connected to the internet. You just need to follow the steps one by one given below. I made this guide to be simple by taking snapshot from my own android phone.

1- Just download Offline – Offline Browser, from the provided link. It will be downloaded as an ordinary application.

2- After successful installation of Offline Browser, just open it. It will show the screen as given in the image below.


3- To open a new webpage, click at the plus (+) button given at the interface of Offline Browser.

4- This will open a screen where you need to add the URL of the webpage or website which you want to open, select the link depth and the number of links per page. (Link depth refers to the links followed by the app)



5- You can also include images by checking the include image option while downloading the website.

6- After filling all the information, save it. This will start downloading the website. It will take some time to grab all the pages of a website. After downloading, it will show the screen just like given below:-


7- Now you can read any saved page of the website.

Note: You must be connected to a high speed Internet while you are downloading the cache version of the blog or website as it requires high data especially when you check the include image option.

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There are some drawbacks of this useful app given below:-

1- You cannot post a comment.
2- It consumes more than usual bandwidth to download the cached version of the website.


As you know to read a webpage or accessing any website, you must have your Android Phone or Computer connected to an internet connection. So excluding the above drawbacks, this app works wonders for you where there is unreliable internet connection. Moreover, it would increase the browsing speed and much time saving. If you have any query and more questions, you can share with us in the comment section. You can also share this amazing app with your friends so that they can also access their favorite blogs while they are offline.

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