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How to Recover Deleted Web Pages – 3 Proven Methods

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It’s a pain to lose web pages on which you have worked very hard. Isn’t it?

It can be due to accidental deletion, a plugin went wrong or hosting glitches. So, today we are going to discuss the procedure to recover deleted or lost web pages from the internet such as 404 error pages or the pages that no longer exist in its original location. This article describes three proven ways to find deleted web pages from the internet.

According to a survey, In each minute 500 websites uploaded in the internet that makes it certain that among billions of the websites 100’s of website may discontinue too.

There is nothing more frustrating, when we are browsing any page and found that the page is unavailable.

Unfortunately, it happens many times while surfing the internet. Many of you may also have come across the “404 error” page. This error is for removed pages or unbroken link. If you are a student or a researcher and need information of the Web page that is returning 404 errors, then the case is really worst. There may be chances, that many saved pages that you earlier bookmarked them, are not working now. Also, many website’ server get jammed due to high volume of traffic from the social media sites such as Diggo, Raddit, StumbleUpon, etc.

Note: There is a possibility that the website may have been banned in your country because of some legal issue. So, in case you see error such as “this web page is not available in your location”, feel free to use these proxy sites to access you favorite web page.

So, what to do if you find out a web page that has vanished? 

Immediately, look at the google cache for that page.  May be you are lucky enough that you would find that page in the google cache. But the situation may be worst when you didn’t find that page even in the google cache. So, don’t be panic here. I am providing you 3 proven methods to recover lost web pages from the Internet.

Note:- You will know in detail about “how to recover lost Web Pages using Google Cache” in the later section of this article.

Recover Deleted Web Pages

If you find yourself in a situation where you want a web page which is not opening due to any reason, the case may be the web page returning 404 error, the link may be broken one, website may be discontinued, server down, pages removed, website server jammed, Server no longer maintained, there is nothing to worry. This article explains the detail method to recover those lost or deleted Web Pages.

There are three methods to find the removed web pages that are described below in detail.

A- Recover lost Web Pages using Coral Cache

Coral Cache is a free service that uses distributed computing to provide a distributed mirror of the original content of the website. Most importantly, it is used to lessen the so called Slashdot effect. This is the case when the website gets chocked due to high volume of traffic from the social networking sites.

Now, to recover the lost or deleted Web Pages using coral cache, you simply need to append “” to the end of a regular URL, and browse that URL instead of the original URL.

For example: –

The above is the coral cache version of


Recover lost or deleted web pages using coral cache



B- Recover lost Web Pages using Google Cache

Google takes a snapshot of each page when the Google crawler visiting that page and stores that snapshots in its cache as a backup. You can access the cached version of a web page by simply adding cache: before it’s URL on the Chrome address bar or in Google Search.

For Example: – cache:

The above is the Google cache version of

The Google Cache may be used in the situation when;

1- The internet is slow
2- Down or slow website
3- The owner of the website recently removed the web page.

Recover lost Web Pages using Google Cache

Note: The Google cache stores the latest version of the web page. So, if there will be a case when the owner of the website uploads the new content to his website and that new content is cached by Google Spiders. Then in this case, you cannot access the old content by Google Cache. So, if you are looking to find old web pages cache, you can try the below method in that case.

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How to Find old web pages?

As you know, every singly minute web changes its cache.

Sometimes it happens you need the information that you accessed one year back and you have been amazed that the website you are accessing does not exist longer. Also, you could not be able to see that content through Google cache as it is not present there.

Then, how could you find those old web pages?

In the below section, I am describing a method through which you would be able to find old web pages in the internet. This will help you to find the caches of old web pages using Wayback Machine.

C- Recover lost Web Pages using Wayback Machine.

So far now you will be able to find the web content of the pages that are recently removed by the owner. You can access them using Google Cache. But what about the Web Pages which were removed months or years back. You can access them through Wayback Machine.

Wayback machine is the internet archive. It is a non profitable organization that stores all the WebPages in its library. So, it is also a good option for researchers, scholars and students who are working on any project and wants to access a page that has been removed past years ago. Also, one can look at his website across different years and compare them to see the evolution each time. Overall, it works as a good option to find old web pages in the internet.

Here is how to use Wayback Machine:

1- Open Wayback Machine
2- Type the website URL that you want to view at the search Box present at the top.
3- Now, you will see a calendar. You need to select the year and the date from the list of the months.
4- That’s it. You will be able to see the content of the web page.

Recover Lost Web Pages using Wayback Machine


1- Many bookmarking services offer page cache feature (such as and Ma.gnolia) that save the cache version of the web page that you save it.

2- If you accidentally deleted any web page of your website, take a cache version of your web page immediately or before the Google bots crawl that new deleted web page.

Last Thought:-

I hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you have any other resource to find the lost or deleted web pages in the internet, don’t forget to share with us in the comment section. It will help users to know more methods. Also, share these tricks and tips with your friends. Thanks.

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