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How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile – 2 Proven Methods

How to see who looks at your Facebook?

Are you looking for the ways to get clues about who viewed your Facebook profile the most?

Facebook does not provide any method to see who looks at your facebook profile, but Today in this post, I come up with the ways that let you know how to see who views your facebook profile the most. It makes it possible for you to see who has been floating around your facebook profile. By far, you know there are many third party software and many apps that are claiming to let you know who looks at your facebook profile. They all say something like “see who views your profile”, but unfortunately, they deliver nothing. Not a single app is successful in providing the desired results. These software and apps would only post spam messages on your facebook wall to your friends or steal your personal information like facebook password. So be aware of these any type of app or software that claims to let you know “who looks at your facebook profile” or “how to see who views your facebook profile”.

As everyone is eager to know who visits their Facebook profile.

How To See Who Views Your Facebook Profile

whether your crush sees your Facebook profile?

Which friends will regularly visit your profile?

Whether your college friends looks at your Facebook Profile?

Who sees your pics?

And for more reasons.

Although, Facebook says that there is not any way how to see who views your facebook profile. But, you don’t need to worry here. In this article, I am providing you two proven methods or tricks from which you would be able to know who views my facebook profile. You could use any method that works best for you. But in order to use them, you must understand the trick followed in both methods.

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How to see who views your facebook Profile? – Solved

Method 1: Basic Method

As you know it is completely impossible to know who sees my facebook profile, but this basic method makes it actually possible with its unique trick. So, you need to follow the steps given below to understand this simple trick.

1- Firstly, open your facebook profile.

2- Click at your name given at the upper-left corner.

3- Now, open your friends page by clicking at the friends link given at the left of your profile page.

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

The list may seem random at first, but this randomness is actually determined by the facebook algorithm that runs at the background. According to this algorithm, it shows you the friends you are most connected to and it is determined by various factors such as the one who comments on your post, interact with you, like your post, sees your pics, and looks at your profile the most and more.

4- Checkout the friends that are at the top and you never interact with him/her (private message, like or comment and more). This shows that it is at that position just because he/she sees visited your facebook profile.

I hope you understand this simple trick. This is the basic trick to know if someone viewed your facebook profile. In order to get the Insightful analysis of who viewed your facebook profile, you must understand the second trick that is described in the below section.

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Method 2: Using facebook profile page source code

This method is to let you know who views your facebook profile using source code of page. This will give you a deep understanding about who views your profile more often. This method gives the result based on various factors such as who comments on your post, who likes your pics, who message you, who visits your profile again and again, and more.

For this trick to work, you need a browser in which you will be able to see the source code easily. I would like to suggest “Chrome” browser as in this browser you can see the source code of any webpage just by holding (ctrl + u).
You need to follow the steps given below to know who view my facebook profile:-

1- Open facebook on Chrome browser.

2- Go to your profile, right click on the page and hit “View Page Source”. Alternatevely, you could go to your profile and hold (ctrl + u) on your keyboard. This will open up a new page which contains the source code of the profile page.

3- Now hold ctrl + f of your keyboard. This will open a text on the right corner of the page, type “InitialChatFriendsList” without the double codes.

4- Next to this word, you will see a list of profile id’s of your friends who has visited your profile. Copy any id without the “-2”.

5- Go to “”, paste that id besides it and hit enter button. For example, if the id is “1234”, then you need to open

Here, you need to understand that the people that are shown at the top of the list who you know don’t message you, don’t comment on your stuff, don’t like your pic, and even don’t interact with you; they were at the top because they are looking at your profile.

Note: The first ID represents the profile ID of the person who visits your profile more often and the last ID represents the ID of the person who never visits your profile. I hope this method will give you a clear cut idea who visits your profile regularly and who are not.

This is all you need to understand. I Hope after following this guide, you get to know how to see who views your facebook profile and found out who visits your profile regularly! Kindly share your point of view regarding the tricks. Keep reading more stuff. Thank You!

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