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How to solve This Webpage Has Redirect Loop Problem

Hello Guys, are you looking for the solution of “How to solve This Webpage Has Redirect Loop” problem in Chrome. The solution is here in this post.

Have you ever faced “this webpage has redirect loop problem” while browsing any webpage or website in chrome and got irritated. I usually prefer Chrome Browser for my personal browsing as it is the fastest browser. But, many a times I face the problem of redirect loops or Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS) in chrome as there are too many redirects in chrome (still better than other browsers). Actually, this problem binds a webpage from its normal functioning and every-time the user is redirected to a webpage shown below.

This Webpage has a redirect loop

Anyways, it is easy to solve this irritating problem.

The solution to error 301 (Too Many Redirects problem) is given in the error page itself.

Yes, this is correct.

You can read the error message again in the above image.

It suggests clearing the cookies and opening the URL again, if and only if the problem is not server side. So our first aim is to clear out the cookies. In this post, I am providing you step by step process to resolve this issue by clearing the cookies.

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But before going to the solution steps, keep in mind some points given below:-

1- If you open the website or webpage in the incognito window, it will work absolutely fine.

2- This problem may occur in any platform, if the problem is in WordPress and you are looking for “how to solve this webpage has redirect loop problem in WordPress”, then keep reading this guide for the solution.

3- This error is not server side error; so, you don’t need to contact your hosting. It will be solved easily within minutes. Only you need to follow the correct procedure.

4- You should update your browser time to time if possible.

5- You can uninstall any extra extension (ad-ons) from chrome browser as sometimes this error may occur due to too many extensions added in your chrome browser.

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How to get rid of this irritating error?

To solve this error, we need to clear out the cookies. So, here are the steps given to clear out the chrome cookies.

1- Firstly, click on the wrench icon present at the top right corner of the chrome browser.

2- Under the options, select the “settings” tab.

This Webpage has a redirect loop Problem

3- Now, scroll down the cursor at the bottom of the Page and click at the Advance setting option i.e. “show advance settings…”

how to fix this webpage has a redirect loop

4- Then under the privacy setting, click at the “content settings”.

THow to Fix his webpage has a redirect loop

5- At the content setting, you will see three headings that are cookies, images and javascript. Under the cookies heading, click at the “All cookies and site data”.

fix this webpage has a redirect loop

6- Here you will see a list of sites that you have previously visited that is previously stored data. Upon clearing these stored data, the problem of redirect loop will be solved.

7- To clear the cookies and other data, click at the remove all button at the top right corner of the popup.

How to solve this webpage has a redirect loop

8- Lastly close all the tabs and restart the chrome again. All cookies have been cleared now and the problem of redirect loop has been resolved.

Now you can open the webpage or website that is causing redirect loop problem.

If the problem still persists, You can try the methods listed below:-

1- You can use third party tools such as Vcleaner or CCleaner to clear all your web browsing history or cookies.
2- Sometimes this error may occur due to external extensions. So, you need to check your extensions (ad-ons) and uninstall them.

I hope that the problem is solved completely. If you fail to solve your redirect loop problem or find any error in the process, you may share your problem in the comment section. We will be happy to solve them.

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