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How to Setup and Play Multiplayer Games using Tunngle

In earlier days of PC gaming history, games used to be single player. But with the evolution of internet, playing PC games is no longer limited to a single player campaign. Playing multiplayer PC games is a new and much more fun kind of experience. For e.g. Counter Strike, Dota. It’s much more fun to compete against other players over internet or within the same network over LAN.

To enjoy games with your friends who are not connected to the same LAN, we need to use a VPN tool. Many PC games support multiplayer over LAN. You can simulate a LAN across the Internet using VPN. There are many free VPN software programs available, sometimes complications may occur while gaming as most VPN services are not developed particularly for gaming. Tunngle is specialized VPN tool developed particularly for gaming. Tunngle makes it possible to play LAN games with your friends who are not connected with you geographically. In this post, we will explain you how to download tunngle and how to sign up tunngle. But, before proceeding to that point, lets begin with complete understanding of tunngle. This will help you understand all the usage of tunngle before downloading it.

What is Tunngle?

Tunngle offers a free service through which you can play any game that supports LAN over the internet. You can play with your own friends or make new friends with thousands of other active players. Messages can also be sent to any gamer in the network. You will be connected to other players via a secure and encrypted VPN client. You can play even with your STEAM friends.
Tunngle has many private VPNs, each one of which supports a different game. You can use the game browser to connect to a VPN for your game and play with the others who are connected to that same VPN. If you have a game you want to play with others but cannot find anyone to play with, then please join Tunngle and make friends in the community. If you cannot find your game in Tunngle’s network, you can request it to be added.

How to use Tunngle

How to use Tunngle?

There are many popular games that have either closed down their official servers or there is lack of an active community, for e.g. Diablo 1, NFS-Most Wanted. It’s practically pretty much impossible to enjoy these titles with others. Of course, you can organize a LAN session but thanks to busy schedules, this practice becomes hectic.
With Tunngle this all becomes very easy. You can play in the comfort of your home and connect to as many gamers as you want to enjoy the titles. You just need to sign-up (which is free), install the Tunngle client, sign-in, select any game network and launch your game. You can add friends, chat with them or share files also. All your connections are encrypted and anonymous. Tunngle sports a powerful and helpful community support. There is also a well-documented wiki for help and troubleshooting.
Although Tunngle is a free service but it also offers a Premium and a lifetime account. In Paid service, you get your custom Tunngle IP, Premium Networks, clan network support and Tunngle interlink. The premium plan is offered to cover development and maintenance costs. This, of course, is completely optional and you will never be forced to pay money for this service. In the Basic free service, advertisements are displayed and it supports only basic private networks (up to 32 players).

Excited to download tunngle in your windows computer?

Lets discuss how to download tunngle in your  windows 7, 8, 10, XP computer in the below section:-

How to Install Tunngle – Complete setup Guide

System Requirements for using Tunngle

In order to download the tunngle in your windows computer, below are the system requirements given.

– Operating System: Windows XP, Windows MCE, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.x – x86(32bit) and the x64(64bit)
– Internet connection

How to Download and Use Tunngle

Follow the below steps to start gaming with Tunngle:

1. Go to the Tunngle website and download the installer for your operating system.
2. Register for a free account on Tunngle.
3. Launch the installer file and proceed with the installation.
4. Restart your computer as Tunngle will install a virtual network adapter to work properly.
5. Launch Tunngle and login with your account credentials. If you run into problems, you may need to adjust the network adapter settings and configure the network firewall.
6. Use the network explorer to find the VPNs for the game you want to play. You can also use the search functionality. Double click on any network to join it.
7. You will see a lobby where you can chat with other gamers.
8. Now right click on the orange arrow icon and select Configure. Browse to the exe file for your game. To launch your game from now on you need to left click on the orange arrow.


Tunngle is a great service for anyone who want to play LAN games with their buddies regardless of the country they live in. It offers completely encrypted and secure chat service without any complex setup. Its default settings are enough to ensure smooth gaming experience. This is especially introduced for gaming hence the response time is pretty great and user interface is quite good. If you need VPN specially for gaming purpose, this is the service to use. Enjoy!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Kindly share this guide to your friends and relatives in social media sites so that they can also install tunngle hassle free and enjoy multiplayer gaming. Thanks for reading this post. Please share your views in the comment section.

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