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Shut Bluetooth, its Time to Shareit!

Sharing files wirelessly through mobiles was started before 2000, when people use infrared sensors to share files from one phone to another. Sharing files through infrared was just a mess because the phone’s infrared port must be in contact with each other in order to share files and sharing even a 10MB file took a lot of time, as the technology was too old.

Then after 2000 first bluetooth phone was launched, it gave a huge push to sharing files wirelessly as it sends files with a good speed (as compared to infrared). It is still the most popular way of sharing files through phone and there is no need of physical contact of phones to share files. It is also present in the latest technology of the phones i.e. Android technology. But it also had some limitations like its range was only up to 1 to 2 meters and you can’t share files between an iDevice and another OS device like Android.

Now as the technology is doing miracles everyday, a new miracle is launched called ShareIt, the world’s fastest cross-platform file transfer tool for near-field communication. There is no limitation of using it it is free of cost and send files with blazing fast speed, it can go upto 20MB/s which is 200 times fast than a bluetooth. ShareIt can send all kinds of files to any platform, whether it is an iOS device/windows PC/ or a Windows phone. It sends files via use of portable wifi hotspot or there is another mode in it in which one can share files by connecting on the same LAN.

Let’ have a look what Android users say about it :


Now let’s have a look what Apple users say about ShareIt :


Conclusion – Shareit is the Best Among all the Transfer apps and System Like Bluetooth and Infrared!!

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