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How to Transfer Your Bookmarks from One Browser to Another

In this guide, you will learn how to transfer bookmarks from one browser to another that is from Firefox to chrome, chrome to internet explorer, internet explorer to Firefox and vice versa.

Browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer store all of your important information such as Bookmarks, History, Cookies and Passwords in its library. Cookies can be expired and History can be cleared. However, bookmarks are different. They allow you to save all your important WebPages for later retrieval. Some students and developers store the important websites related to their course in bookmark so that they could easily find those websites when they need them.

how to download bookmarks

Did you ever find yourself in a situation when you have bookmarked Websites in one browser and need all those in another browser? The condition is worst when you have a large list of bookmarked items in one browser and want them in every browser you use. Moreover the case may be when you reinstall your system; all your data will be lost including bookmarked items. So what to do in these situations? The answer persists in the browser itself. Don’t understand? Right. Let us explain me.

Including all the bookmarked items or websites manually is a very typical task for you and also it does not make any productive sense. At that time you want a backup of all your bookmarked items. Actually, each browser comes with an option to backup all bookmarked items in an HTML file. You can also use those HTML File to transfer bookmarks from one browser to another. So, using those HTML File, we can transfer bookmarks from Firefox to chrome, from ie to chrome, from internet explorer to chrome and vice versa. Today in this post, I will guide you how to transfer your favorites like bookmarks from one browser to another.

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Here, I am providing you step by step procedure to backup bookmarks in internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome. I am making this guide as simple as by providing screen shots from my own laptop.

How to backup Firefox bookmarks in HTML Format

Backup Firefox Bookmarks

By taking the backup of Firefox bookmarks, you could easily transfer bookmarks from Firefox to chrome, transfer bookmarks from Firefox to ie, whatever the case may be. In this method, firstly you need to take backup of all your Firefox bookmarks by following the step by step procedure given below and then import bookmarks form Firefox to internet explorer or Chrome.

1- Firstly, Open Firefox.

2- Click at the organize bookmarks from the Bookmark menu bar. Alternatively press Shift + Ctrl + B to directly open the bookmarks library window.

Transfer Bookmarks From Firefox to Chrome and ie

3- Click at the import and export menu and then select Export HTML as given in the below image.

Export Firefox Bookmarks to HTML

4- Save that export file at any location in your PC/Computer. Now you can import this HTML in any browser in which you would like to transfer your bookmarks. (To import bookmarks in Firefox just select import HTML option. This will import bookmarks from internet explorer and chrome to Firefox.)

How to backup Google Chrome bookmarks in HTML Format

Backup Chrome Bookmarks

You can easily import bookmarks from chrome to ie and Firefox by following the below steps one by one.

1- Click at the Chrome menu icon given at the top right corner of the chrome browser.

2- Now select Bookmark Manager from the bookmark menu. Alternatively you can press Shift + Ctrl + O to directly open the Bookmark Manager. This will open Bookmark Manager in a new tab.

Transfer Bookmarks From Chrome to ie firefox

3- Click the Organize drop down button and click at export bookmarks to HTML File. This will Export all Google chrome bookmarked items in an HTML file and you can save it at any location of your computer.

Export Chrome Bookmarks to HTML

To import all your bookmark items, simply select Import bookmarks from HTML File and choose the file from your computer which you want to transfer or import. This will import all your bookmarks and favorites from ie and Firefox to Google chrome.

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How to backup Internet Explorer bookmarks in HTML Format

Backup Internet Explorer bookmarks

Using this method, you can easily export bookmarks from Internet Explorer and Import it into Google Chrome and Firefox. Just follow the steps given below.

1- Click at the tools option, then select Explorer Bars > Favorites. Alternatively, press Ctrl + Shift + I. This will directly open the Favorites page.

Transfer Bookmarks From Internet Explorer to Firefox and chrome

2- Click at the arrow present besides add to Favorites button. Now Select Import and Export option from the drop down menu.

Transfer Bookmarks From Internet Explorer to Firefox and chrome

3- Select Export to a file option to export bookmarks and click next. (If you want to import bookmarks , select Import from a file or Import from another browser option)

Transfer Bookmarks From Internet Explorer to Firefox and chrome

4- Check at the favorites and click next.

Transfer Bookmarks From Internet Explorer to Firefox and chrome

5- Now you need to select your favorite items which you want to export. If you want to export all items, just select Favorites (selected by default) at the top and click next.

Transfer Bookmarks From Internet Explorer to Firefox and chrome

6- Select the location at your computer or PC where you want to place your favorite or bookmarked items and click export.

Now, you have exported all your Internet Explorer bookmarks. You can use this HTML File to import it to Chrome and Firefox. This will transfer bookmarks from ie to chrome and Firefox.

Wrapping Up:-

After reading this guide, you will find that it is not too hard to import and export bookmarks or your favorite items from one browser to another. If you find any difficulty in transferring your bookmarked items from one browser to another, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section. We will be happy to solve all your issues related to this. Keep reading amazing tech guides.

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