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How to Use Tinder without Facebook?

Let me clear this first.

It is possible to use Tinder without Facebook.

Want to use Tinder without Facebook and know how to secure your privacy? Read on Friends; we’ll show you the way.

Tinder is an online dating application where users find their perfect match to chat. Tinder facilitates communication between mutually interested users and allowing them to chat. Tinder is able to build the profile of users based on their Facebook account. It uses basic information of the user and the photos that was uploaded by the users on their Facebook account and finally a user’s social graph is analyzed. Also, Tinder uses Facebook to know what the user’ location, that is why it is known as a location-based dating app. But, it is a very upset situation for those who wants to use tinder without Facebook and keep their personal information under wraps. Don’t worry, there is a way to use tinder without Facebook and don’t let your friends and family know that you are using Tinder app.

Tinder without Facebook


Using Tinder without Facebook – How to use Tinder without Facebook

Now you can use tinder without Facebook account and keep yourself private and only known to you. Nowadays, we are all used to seeing “Login with Facebook”, “Login with Google” at various sites in the internet world. Moreover, many sites don’t have their own sign-in protocol. Rather, they ask you to login with your Facebook account, and then only you have the access to their sites after you like their Facebook Page. Not only this, many sites offer you to comment, review, feedback and other online actions only by Facebook account. These online actions somehow connect you with the real world but at the same time it mixes your personal, social and business life. But, every time we don’t want to log in with our personal or social account for some private aspect of our life especially for dating sites such as Tinder. Unfortunately, Tinder makes it difficult; you must log in with your Facebook account. Once you do that, Tinder having access to your photos, contacts, and other details about you. In the case, you want to keep your personal information secret and away from your online friends, it would be nice if you use Tinder without Facebook and that is what I will walk you through in the guide below. It is advised don’t mix your personal, social and business life. Just keep using Tinder without Facebook. Before going to that point, I have one question in my mind “Why Tinder is linked to facebook” “who has forced both Apps to be linked“. See below to know the reason of the same:-

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Why is Tinder linked to Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social network for the over 50s. Facebook and Google foremost the most used sites to login to other sites around the internet. According to, Facebook share to social login is 42% while the Google acquired 38% across the tens of thousands of sites that support it. The main reasons why tinder linked to Facebook is given below:-

1- Login with the main account whose credentials are easily known to you saves your time from laborious account creation activity and effort in memorizing dozens of passwords of different accounts across the internet.

2- Login into a website by using Facebook or Google account allows the website to gather data about you such as your birthday, email id, your friends list, your current company, school and colleges attended, photos and information that your friends have posted about you such as your tagged photos. On the other hand, other services such as Twitter do not possess such level of detailed information about you. This way, Tinder automatically populates your profile photo that you use them in your Facebook. This concatenates a lot of things when you update anything in your facebook profile, Tinder knows about it and automatically carry over to your Tinder presence.

3- Linking the two or more sites allows websites to accumulate more data about you which helps in building a rounded profile of you. As soon as you log in with your facebook account in other websites, you give them access to your least secured account.

4- Tinder required using your Facebook account to confirm that you are the real person so that one could not fake Tinder by hiding their original information. This makes Tinder gain loyalty and trust of the new and prospective users.

5- While you login Tinder using Facebook login credentials, the app asks you if you want to let it view your contacts. Once you say yes, the app has access to your entire friends list and could scan all your contact. This helps Tinder to find people that pop up in the app and ask them to rate you.

For the reasons given above, people are searching for the ways to use Tinder without Facebook. There are several ways that you could try and use Tinder without Facebook. These methods are given in detail in the below section of this post.

Using Tinder without Facebook


There are many reasons why people don’t want to login Tinder with their facebook profile. The first and foremost reason is that people want to keep their browsing private, especially in dating websites. As the Tinder does not publish anything on your facebook wall but it reveal when a potential match has been found in your friend list as it has access to your friends list. The second reason is that people don’t want any kind of app to be floating around your contacts, photos, posts, friends etc. Overall, when you use Tinder using Facebook, you are compromising your privacy. By not bothering anymore about your privacy and follow any one of the strategy given below to use Tinder without Facebook.

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Use Tinder Without Facebook

There is not any official way to use Tinder without syncing to Facebook. There are a couple of methods available that help users to put their Tinder activity out of sight. You can adopt any method according to with your requirement. The methods are below:-

1- Limit how much of your Facebook account Tinder can use

Are you using the privacy feature of Facebook for your benefits? If yes then it is good for you. If not, then try to use it today itself at least for Tinder. Thanks to Facebook that it comes up with the many security options that can limit how much you are sharing and how much others can see. Always ensure that did not share too much information with others. Moreover, you could limit your Facebook account how much Tinder can use by following the steps given below:-

a.) Go to and log in with your active facebook account that you linked with Tinder.

b.) Click the little lock icon with three horizontal lines in it on the right top corner.

c.) Here you can see many settings like “who can see my stuff”, “who can contact me” and many more settings. You need to click at “see more settings” option given at the bottom.

d.) Now a list of privacy settings and tools appears. Here you will find Tinder on the list. Click on it and set its visibility “only to me”. This way, Tinder is restricted by posting anything on your Facebook account and won’t show people that you are using Tinder.

2- Create New Facebook Account

If you don’t want to change or trap at any point in doing the above privacy setting, you could choose an alternative method that is by creating a new facebook account solely for Tinder. We are not suggesting you create any fake account with a fake name and with other fake information. Create a new account with your real name, photos and other detail. This account is similar to your original Facebook account, but it is specifically made for Tinder. This way you would be able to separate your personal and social life and makes things simple. You could use your original account for regular Facebook use and opt for the new cloned Facebook account only for Tinder activity such as fixing dates.

Tip: – Make sure to delete your cloned account once you have done with Tinder App. This will not make confusion to people who are searching you on Facebook.

Wrapping Up:-

Tinder is a wonderful dating app – Friends, dates, relationships, and everything in between. If you still searching how to use Tinder without Facebook, unfortunately, at that point there is no other way to completely unlink the two services. But, you can wait until Tinder announces to change their policy and let you sign up tinder without facebook. Tinder has not made any suggestion that it’s working on the option. Also, if you find any other tip, kindly share with us in the comment section below. we will add that too in our guide. Thanks for reading this guide. Keep using Tinder without Facebook.

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